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Work, but no writing

September 4, 2015
Posted at 6:39 pm

Hello all.

First, I apologize to those who wrote but didn't get a reply. That's probably most of you. It was a me issue, not you. I'm sorry.

I've started a new job, which is sort of a sideway step. May end up making more, partly due to a few more hours a week. I kind of liked being almost broke but having more sleep time. On the good side, for the first time in 20 years I may actually be going to work after 4 AM.

Nothing is being written, despite a few started stories. Just not in the mood. No story has popped up that just HAS to be written. I'm done with sequels, so it has to be something new. Some new universe. On the good side, I'm now free to borrow from my old workplace. I've never based characters on anyone I knew there, or reference a workplace story. That limitation is gone. I probably won't do much with it, but I can morally draw small things from there.

It IS possible that the flood of words that started a few years ago has ended. I said what I had to say (and, please, no emails commenting on that. It's a personal thing). Maybe I just need more thinking time. I won't have that at work again for awhile, if ever.

So, enjoy the other stories on the site. If a new one of mine gets posted, I'll try and remember to mention it.