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Chapter 347 of Book 3 is in the queue

September 4, 2015
Posted at 3:05 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...Selina gave station control their Ready for Departure code, then, "Luck," she and Diana said in unison a second before their stealthed craft began to slide on magnetics along a channel toward an exit port.

They had to wait a couple of minutes before they were given final clearance. As the port in front of them irised open, the only thing now keeping their craft from space was the force field that retained the atmosphere. Undocking complete, Selina nudged her craft slowly forward, giving it just enough impetus to clear the station. As they drifted away, she gave her own boards another quick scan, and after a final confirmation from her Second, engaged her drive to continue maneuvering away from the giant space platform.

She had already laid in their course out of the system, her projections having been approved by Control. Adding power to the inertialess drive, she gained speed, keeping to the departure lane assigned to them, mindful of holding her speed down to a tenth light until well clear of the shipping lanes.

A few minutes later, "Coordinates laid in. Stand by for stealth." There was a hesitation, then, "Coming up on one hundred percent… Stealth system now at optimal output, Commander. When we drop out of warp, there will be no delay for full stealth. Ship systems all read at optimum," Diana prompted.

Selina scanned for nearby traffic a final time, and after one last glance at her boards, brought them to warp, the outside viewscreen now showing only a swirling, gray mist that hurt the eyes and raised the hair on the back of the neck if stared at too long.

"Six hours and twelve minutes until we drop out," she said as commander of the craft. "We will go on two hour watches. I suggest that you take a nap. I will awaken you in two hours. That should allow us to be rested when we enter enemy space. After that, we will have little rest until our mission is completed."

Or else we will rest forever, Diana added mentally as negative thoughts briefly crossed her mind. They asked for volunteers, and naturally, everyone did so. But now that we were chosen, I'm wondering if this isn't a suicide mission. Get your mind off that, Girl, and sack out, she told herself. Shortly, we'll be on stimulants to retain our edge as we sneak into enemy space. After that…

Have a goodun;