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Labor Day At The Buckman: Challenge For Hard Times

September 4, 2015
Posted at 1:15 pm

I am hard at work on Chapter 108 and 109 of the Hard Times story.

It's been a long dry patch for any loyal fans of the story (if there are some) and my apologies there.

I've had some ideas and I think I am close to putting those out there. I am also going back and polishing old chapters.

In the process, and with Labor Day coming it occurred to me to make a request/challenge for any of you out there with a little time on your hands.

Here is what I am asking for:

Write a Short Story and add it to the "Family Feud" Universe as Fan Fiction.

The short story can really be whatever you want, but here are some suggestions;

1- Make it about your "alter-ego" if you lived in the Buckman Trailer Park (the setting of Hard Times). You don't even have to meet/interact with any of the main characters from Hard Times. It's a big place. You could make up your own or pull in some of the more memorable side characters.

Ellen came to the Buckman at the start of the Summer, so as Labor Day wraps things up - conclude whatever you like about whats going on there.

You don't have to even visit the pool. it could all just be fun between you and your neighbors. Maybe you live on the same street as the Angel Devine and the Biker Dad has finally put Candy and his wife out side by the trash? Maybe you live down on infamous J street with all the hookers, maybe you live on Glory Hill or a street you just made up.

Now, whatever you do on Labor Day in real life, translate that to something that may happen at the Buckman? Barbecue with friends and family? Go shopping at a Mini-mall where the Shoe Wharehouse sign is missing a letter and it looks like "Shoe Whorehouse" -

Tell a fun little romp in the trailer park?

If you don't want to do that, revisit the Taylor's from Family Feud. The letter "Dear Internet from Cowtits" answers the question what they are doing now but doesn't really set them any place in particular. You could be a neighbor writing about your interaction with this strange family that moved in. You could even write a story about the family and their continuing journey into bondage and submission.

I'd love it, I think the hardcore fans of the story would love it.

I rarely ever get feedback on the stories but I will tell you that most of the people who do are college professors, engineers, etc. They have analytic minds and tend to be very clever themselves. I'd love to see what one of those minds would do if challenged to write a story.

The one and only rule to this challenge is that you should write a story that YOU would like to read.

If you do that for me over Labor Day, I'll suck your dick.

I am kidding (slightly)