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Convergence - Chapter 2 - State of the Union

September 4, 2015
Posted at 9:56 am

I usually don't post a blog entry when I post a chapter. I felt it necessary for Chapter 2. This chapter is about Scotty giving a State of the Union address to Congress. I think that I mostly kept politics out of it, but it is a political event.

I have received emails in the past from people unhappy with me when my political beliefs bleed into my stories. Two thoughts: 1. I am as disgusted with the Republicans as I am with the Democrats. 2. Why are my political views invalid in a country founded on religious and political freedom. I don't understand why I am only free to agree with someone elses point of view!

Bottom line, if the politics offend you, sorry about that. The story isn't about politics, so get past it.