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A New Milestone: 8.75

August 31, 2015
Posted at 10:53 am

I'll post this now, though I expect it will vary and shift over the coming weeks. Living Next Door to Heaven 2 just became my third highest rated story, overtaking (gasp!) Model Student. The other two stories in the Model Student Series continue to rate considerably higher. Not unexpected.

I well remember writing Model Student. It started out as a placeholder short story. I was pretty depressed in life and found an outlet writing stories about artists and art with an erotic edge. I was working on a now-abandoned sequel to The Art and Science of Love but it was taking longer than expected. So, in order to keep my name active on SOL, I conceived a little ditty about a college art student who was seriously depressed until a fellow student asked him to model for her and they fell in love and made love. That all happened in the first chapter!

I got a flood of email saying, "But wait! There's more." Yeah. There was the former model racquetball champion that had her eye on him... or his girlfriend. I'd write a chapter about that. "But wait! There's more." Okay. There was the possibility of getting the three of them together. Then there was a racquetball tournament. Then there was a mural. Then there was a... I kept getting messages to not end it now and took the story all the way through Tony's freshman year in art college. By the time I got to that point, Tony and all his friends were loved, not only by readers, but by me. And I was climbing out of my depression.

Well, that's my reminiscence, brought to you by a new cast of characters that I love. Brian Frost and LNDtH. I've taken a month away after writing Part VII to work on a couple new stories that should be making their way onto SOL in the next few weeks. I'm just about ready to start writing LNDtH Part VIII, and if all goes well, there won't be a break between the end of Part VII in November and the beginning of Part VIII. I'm thrilled that LNDtH2 has proven that it can score higher than Model Student for two reasons. First, I believe the general readership at SOL has become more discriminating over the past three years and that it is harder to get high scores. Second, I am constantly attempting to improve my writing and deliver better stories. I know that I'm not always successful in doing that, but thank you for your help and support in getting me there.

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