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Chapter 346 of Book 3 is in the queue

August 28, 2015
Posted at 3:47 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...In the distance, Lobo jumped a good six feet into the air to come down with a loud splash - and the fight was on. The knee-deep water near the bank frothed as Lobo and whatever he had attacked rolled over and over in the water. Then the wolf stood for a moment, before taking a running leap into deeper water, to go completely under for a moment. There was blood in the water as Morales charged down the bank, his crossbow in hand. But by the time he got there, Lobo was backing up while dragging something toward the bank - something straight out of a horror movie as far as Morales was concerned.

It had fins and scales, but it also had a slender mouth at least two feet long. Along the sides of the mouth, clearly visible as the thing snapped at the wolf, were double rows of slender, vicious-looking teeth at least three inches long, maybe longer. It was strong and big, giving even the wolf a struggle...

Have a goodun;