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August 27, 2015
Posted at 7:16 pm

I regularly get feedback from readers, where they speculate what might happen as the story unfolds. Here is a recent comment:

I have a sinking suspicion that either Lori leaves
Will for another girl; or Lori pushes Will much too
far beyond his comfort zone. Will's tone hasn't
said is that having fun trying to keep Lori; but
it is emotionally taxing. He prefers more of an
emotional attachment. He will soon realze that he
and Megan are much more compatible, more likely

Now, I'm not going to get caught up in spoilers, or give any clues as to what may or may not happen. Here's my reply:

Glad you are enjoying it. That's an 'interesting' impression you have; I'm not saying whether you are right or wrong - I have the whole story planned out,
in my head and on paper, so nothing that any of the readers suggest will change the overall plot direction. What I will say is that I've had a number of
people comment "Why is xxx like that?" "Why doesn't Lori use American terms and slang?" "I don't understand why so and so did that..." Of course, we only
get to see things from Will's perspective, and while he's not as insensitive to other people as he once was, he really can't know what's inside other people's
heads. Which is true of pretty much any story written in the first person - you only get to see and know what the main character can see. That's why I
finished that chapter with Lori pretty much giving Will an information dump of why she is the way she is... it wasn't just for Will's benefit, but I also
wanted to give the readers an insight into her way of thinking.

I was about to make a comment on your Megan remark... but decided not to, as I don't want to spoil any surprises.

I'm glad you are enjoying the ride... there's still a long way to go before we reach our destination; paraphrasing what the Beatles sang, it's a long and
winding road that leads to leads to the final door in Will's life. I'm sure some of the turn of events that are planned will upset people - you wouldn't
believe the volume of hate mail I got at the end of the previous book - people accused me of killing off Will in a pretty weak manner.

SO - no hints on the future, except I promise to have lots of interesting events...