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Our Mother-Son Relationship

August 27, 2015
Posted at 9:58 am

Dear Randy Readers,

I'm getting tons of inquiries about Jimmy and me. We take turns writing chapters in our stories here. He posts everything for me, including my self-written blogs.

I fulfilled a naughty dare with him a while back. And I toyed with the idea of giving him one of my sex tapes. But decided not to.

Some background might clarify our familial relationships.

Jimmy, it started during his preteen years, has had a crush on his sister and me. He wasn't obnoxious about it and Jenny and I didn't mind. It was sort of cute.

Sure, he tried to sneak peeks, what boys don't? But he wasn't pushy, nothing like that. Looking back, I guess he didn't have to be nosy, Jenny and I were fairly casual about our attire.

We didn't run around my house in the nude, but Jimmy has seen us in the buff several times over the years.

Poor guy. He was a virgin and sat listening, rapt, as Jenny and I openly discussed our sex lives. I never hid any of it from my kids and Jenny followed in my footsteps.

I can't count the times when one of us would give the bulge in his jeans a fond little pat and tell him to go take care of his business. He still blushes easily to this day.

Even though Jimmy is grown, has gotten married and is now in the divorce process, Jenny and I still look after him. Comfort him. Tease him sometimes with our attire. Or lack thereof. It seems to take his mind of his troubles, even if it's just temporarily.

It's not as if Jenny and I think we can erase his concerns ... we can help a little, that's all. I know that she tries to have him over for dinner whenever she gets a full Brazilian. Hey, Show and Tell can be fun!

When I have him over to my house, I often have him bring me a glass of wine and talk to me while I'm taking a bubble bath. He can't see much of me, but the fact that I'm stark fucking naked is exciting to him. Yes, Your Honor, I can cite visual proof of said interest in his slacks arena. Yes, I do incorporate snippets of my life into my stories. Why not?

So that's where we've been and that's where we stand.

Keep it up!