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My Sex Tapes.

August 24, 2015
Posted at 9:53 am

Dear Randy Readers,


A while back I queried this site and one other one on whether I should give one of my sex tapes to Jimmy, my horny son. Who is going through a rather amiable divorce, but a divorce nevertheless. And who has fantasized about his sister and me since his preteen years.

(I have taped very few of my encounters, but, at age 50, I have amassed a small library showing a variety of men and a few women.)

Your responses to my query surprised me. I expected, and received, the usual 'hell yes!' encouragements. But also a surprisingly large number of thoughtful, caring, 'don't do it' e-mails. Which made me think. And there were a few readers who were outraged at the very idea.

If I gave Jimmy a tape, it would amuse me and, I'm sure, enflame him. In considering the question, I went so far as to review my little collection. If I gave him one of me with another woman, that would be the mildest. At the other end of the spectrum would be one of the tapes with two men and myself.

I finally decided (on the tape, not on whether to hand it over) on one with one of my favorite lovers. He's only 19, but plays my body like a Stradivarius. He takes me to Cum City early and often. Toward the end, I'm sobbing and screaming in rapture.

Yet, I decided not to pass it along to Jimmy. Why? I'm not exactly sure. It would be simultaneously kind and cruel. Kind because Jimmy would get off on it big time. Cruel because it might imply a promise that wouldn't be there.

Like a prick teaser. Which I spent a few early months doing until I figured out it was a lot more fun to move from the tease to the delivery.

His older sister, Jenny, consoled him, "Jessica may well change her mind, honey."

And I may well change my mind someday.

Keep it up!


P. S. More than one reader suggested that my sex tape dilemma might be good material for a future story. As well it might. I already weave snippets of my life into my little stories, so stay tuned.