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Problems and Progress

August 16, 2015
Posted at 6:10 am

Back in June, I blogged about how a lighting strike took out the modem and my NIC on my computer. My ISP replaced the modem at no cost and I ordered a replacement NIC. However, the damage NIC was built into the Mainboard, not a separate card. Today, I wake up to find my computer having memory dumps. I believe more than just the NIC was damaged that day. For that matter, I had to replace the video card recently too. I happened to have one so that wasn't an issue, but this memory issue is a bigger deal. I'm not sure if its the system memory, the processor or the mainboard. For that matter it could be all three. Looking online, I find that to replace everything with equivalent components will cost well over $200.00. Yet, on ebay, I find full desktop towers with better equipment for less. I know my stuff is old, I originally put this computer together back in 2005 and have been upgrading/replacing parts as needed since then. The problems I'm having now seem to indicate that I need to replace more than one or two things. I'm open to suggestions about this.

I have two chapters ready to post and am working on a third. Considering I don't know how much longer my pc will hold up, I'll submit the two chapters now for posting. I can only hope I can get more done before I'm not able to do any work at all.

Internet Access:
The Internet bill is due again. $141.42 due by the 26th. Any donations are welcome. Paypal is the easiest way (, but I have received money orders as donations too. I appreciate all the help.