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August 16, 2015
Posted at 1:29 am

Next chapter of the omake/alternate series has been uploaded and should show up online soon!

- The next omake chapter after this one has over 5500 words written already.
- The chapter after that is one that lost a few pages when my files got corrupted a while back (and still hasn't been completely rebuilt), so it's pretty short right now.
- Then the next one has over 10K words already.
- And the one after that has over 7500 words.
- And there are two other chapters that a little bit written but are really more concept than fleshed out, as well as vague plans for other chapters/characters.

I'm not giving chapter numbers because there's at least one floating chapter that can fit in almost anywhere, so when it's done, it will alter any chapter numbering I might have previously given.

(For reference, today's chapter has roughly a 12K word count, while the most recent main timeline chapter -- Book 2, Chapter 6 -- has ~34K words.)

I am not ignoring the main series, but that one requires actual thought and planning, so it goes more slowly.
At this point, I've definitely decided to split chapters again, so Chapter Seven will be set entirely in Texas, Eight will be in DC and Nine will be in Europe. (I kept coming up with things that needed to be covered or dealt with before Frank's next trip/meetings... and things that would just be fun to include.)