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Ending accepting anonymous feedback

August 12, 2015
Posted at 8:08 pm

I never wanted to do this, but I am going to permanently refuse anonymous feedback from this point forward. Over the last few postings I have had a couple of less than intelligent people using anonymous feedback to send me extremely negative messages that are not constructive and as I cannot respond extremely frustrating.

Normally, I don't mind negative feedback if I can respond to it as I can usually explain my reasoning behind a plot twist or what some might see as a character personality change. But having someone effectively hide and throwing stones is not why I'm writing. I tell people that I love hearing from readers and I will almost always respond (I don't always respond to edits and proofreading catches as I use the fact that I haven't responded to know which e-mails have chapter corrections.)

For those wanting to know what was the final straw it is part of the Kelsey twist. Now I won't say this was not a surprise. If you had asked me when I was writing the chapter where Jessica retests I'd have told you that Kelsey was going to test and then rush off to the treehouse with Mark, Ashley and Lenore for a rollicking good fuck and introduction to the harem.

What happened grew out of my reading of Kelsey's personality from the start. remember that Kelsey was rather pushy and it was more her choice than Mark's that she would be with him. He never fought it as he liked Kelsey, but Kelsey was the driving force. I think I always saw her as a young girl with a first crush. But one she could be around and see that others appreciated, which only deepened her lust without granting her the true love that is required for a relationship to work. This started to come out as I was writing the scene where they are riding in the minivan the day Kelsey is going to test. Mark had to shut her down when she kept trying to demand more than just being part of the group. I did not see this as strange because again, I saw Kelsey's love a possessive and that she'd want to be the only one possessing Mark.

that interpretation naturally led to the explosion in the testing center. But it was not me saying "I'm going to change Kelsey's personality". It was my realization that Kelsey's personality could be looked at in a darker way and allowing the plot thread to twist in that direction because it felt natural and right.

But that is normal for me. I do have ideas and can set up scenes, but I often allow my thoughts of the characters and their personalities to spin the tale once the scene starts. It results in some rather surprising twists at times, but my hope is that deep down people can see that I had a reason for the plot to go in that direction.