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Windows 10 - One Step Ahead... another step backwards

August 12, 2015
Posted at 9:43 am

I had to completely reinstall my PC again this week :(
I've been running Windows 7 reliably for about three years and that's what I reinstalled after the crash on the new SSD C: drive. A week later I get my Windows 10 upgrade notice and at first things run fine... until my PC won't boot at all on Monday morning.

Something, either Win X or the new Samsung SSD corrupted all of the Windows boot files. Chkdsk couldn't fix and the the Repair utility couldn't repair it either. Wipe/reinstall O/S again.

Anyway, up and running again but not sure who or what is to blame. I think that SSD's don't like to be put into power-saving mode so I've changed my settings to 'always on', so let's see if this fixes the problem.

Some of the privacy concerns about WinX are a bit scary too... especially that both MS and Google are fully aware of all of my RL and 'writing' email accounts and they're 'demanding' to be allowed to merge and manage them all together (complete with a public display of my home phone number!). Not a chance in 7 hells. Any more weirdness and I'm downgrading back to Win 7 again.

Hoping to sit down and rewrite the lost Chapter Six of '53 Miles' again today but it's very doubtful that it will get redone and edited before Friday.