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Thanks. It's fixed.

August 11, 2015
Posted at 9:31 am

I read chapter 28 of LNDtH2 a couple hours after it was posted last night and made a slight correction recommended by a reader. When VIXEN (the SOL posting wizard) released it, a section in the middle was repeated and the end was chopped off. This happens occasionally. It used to happen a lot more often, but the gurus keep fine-tuning the site and it keeps getting better. A whole bunch of people let me know about the problem and I resubmitted the chapter to refresh the page. It reposted at around four this morning here on the West Coast. Everything is fine now with the complete chapter up.

It always distresses me when this happens and I appreciate people letting me know so I can refresh the post. I know it ruins your day as a reader when you are into something and then it goes haywire. It also distresses me when people assume it is caused by sloppy editing or bad writing and start marking the story down because of it. I happened to be up late last night and checked email so I could refresh it right away. Often when this happens, I don't find out until I get up in the morning.

Just know that I'm always trying to provide both an enjoyable story and one that is readable when it posts. Thx, Devon