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Avalanche of Criticism

August 10, 2015
Posted at 11:36 pm

I have received several comments to my stories with the following theme:

I have read some of your stories hoping that you
had moved from a repetition of the same theme and
content. Vulgus managed to do this well,
introducing variety into his story lines and
adding a level of spice that yours lack.

While this is a criticism I intend it to be constructive. Authors write for their audience and
holding an audience requires variety, variety in content, variety in level of discomfort, variety
in outcomes. You seem to play around the edges of your subject matter, without embracing the often
ugly core. PG rated erotica has a limited scope. I trust this will be taken in the manner intended.

On this particular comment, I sent the following reply, but it came back as undeliverable to the address shown.
I have submitted this in the form of a blog, because there are probably others who feel the same way:

I'm sure you are right in your criticism and assessment of my stories.
I like to read other stories and do quite a bit of it.
I started writing this particular theme because I didn't see a lot of it.
If I could find stories like these, I wouldn't be writing any of my own.
It is a dilemma that I struggle with.
I write these stories and get very low scores; indicating nobody likes them.
So, why write? I guess I get roped in to amuse myself.
I am 71 years old now and can wrap my own Christmas presents and write
my own stories because a few months later, they are somewhat of a surprise.
This is one way to get the stories I want.
If you notice, I always try to make the heroine my idea of good looking.
One of my early blogs describes where I got my inspiration for the heroine's looks.
I do not have her fucking in an alley infested with rats.
I try to put her in a rather elegant situation(?)
I try to instill lots of conflict.
I would like to put a twist in the story somewhere.
I would like to have the heroine come away better off than in the beginning,
although sometimes I just quit.
Never-the-less, it is nice to get some comments rather than be completely ignored.
Your criticism is correct, but what are my alternatives?
There are so many romance, science fiction, etc. Why perpetuate what everybody else is doing?

Neff Trebor