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Lori - Chapter 11

August 9, 2015
Posted at 2:17 pm

In my rush to get chapter 11 completed for uploading for this weekend; I managed to screw up one of the tags marking the start of some italic text. This affected the rest of the story. I have since corrected this (along with a few pesky typos that seem to sneak past my eyes). My apologies for the inconvenience.

I am planning on having Chapter 12 released on schedule, in another two weeks time - but the next couple of weeks are likely to be rather frantic at work; I have a major new web application to get into productions, plus some new server hardware to install and configure. (As a side comment; if anyone has experience configuring the Hewlett-Packard "Left Hand" Virtual Storage Appliance software, email me... it's been two years since I last tackled this task.)

To all those who send an email response; I thank you - it is always gratifying to get feedback from those of you who read my stories. I'm not a big fan of the scoring system here, I really don't monitor ratings on a daily basis. To me, an email saying "Great story, I love it, keep it coming" means far more than the score getting into the "top all time story list".

Until the next post... keep reading.