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August 8, 2015
Posted at 12:32 pm

I'm pulling out of Seattle area this morning and heading to Idaho for a nudist convention. Primary research, you know. Before I leave, though, I put the final words together for Part VII of LNDtH and sent them off to editor one. I'll be working on the outline for Part VIII and hope to be sending chapters to my editors by the first of September. Just three more chapters to post in Part VI. Then we are straight into VII. I'm still having fun with this story and hope you are, too.

I stumbled upon an old book that I bought back in my book-collecting days and for some reason I had tossed it in the trailer instead of putting it in storage. I've become so intrigued by it that I'm transcribing it and will post it--probably all at once--when I finish. It's the 1930 edition of Wise Wedlock. There are no sex scenes in the book, but it is one of the first English language books that addressed sex openly. The introduction sounds almost like the world-building for a story here on SOL! It is a rendition of current 'scientific knowledge' in the field of human sexuality. The language is somewhat flowery by comparison to our current vocabulary and I will probably include a dictionary. Who today knows what a pessary is? (Essentially a diaphragm.) And the sudden enlightenment of the age is somewhat startling:

Who would have thought a few years ago that an Archbishop of Canterbury would express himself to the following effect:-
"I notice how silence in the matter of sex has given place to complete and free discussion. In my judgment this is a great improvement. I would rather have all the risks which come from free discussion than the greater risks which we run by a conspiracy of silence. … We want to liberate the sex impulse and to place it in its rightful place among the great creative and formative things of every healthy and joyous boy and girl."
Unthinkable ten years ago: a fact in 1930!

Well, isn't that amazing? Imagine: Complete and free discussion of sex!