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Alright, PC is fixed...

August 6, 2015
Posted at 9:10 am

It wasn't pretty... I'd been having increasingly frequent random O/S crashes and actually thought at first that it was HDD related. Ended up being an electrical short on the motherboard, so I ended up having to replace most of the internal components of the PC including video card. Ack! Much more expensive than my budget could handle at the time so it took me about a month to get all of the pieces together. Had to stuff some of this onto a credit card, so there will be ongoing pain for the next few months.

The bad news... my last backup of my writing folder was corrupted and I lost about 50-60 files, including the last chapter of '53 Miles West of Venus'. Everything else (almost) I had older backups that could restore from, but not that. So... I now have to re-write the entire chapter again! I should be able to do this early next week and get it off to hasty editing. Maybe can post it next week, but iffy.

Sorry... anyway, back in business again, I think.