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Getting Ready for Part VII

August 2, 2015
Posted at 11:32 am

I've had a very productive July. I have nearly finished LNDtH2 Part VII: Hearthstone Entertainment. I have only two chapters left to write and all the rest are in the editing pipeline. Of course, when I put chapters in the pipeline, my editors turn the spigot on and I get a flood back from them.

So I spent the day yesterday doing the final proofread and formatting of the first twelve chapters. This morning I uploaded them and Part VII is now in the queue to start posting as soon as Part VI concludes on August 16.

What else is in the works? Well, of course I have Part VIII that I'm outlining and will probably start writing it within a week now. Floyd, Jim, and Denny tend to get antsy if I'm not feeding them stuff to edit! I hope, however, to conclude a couple of short works that I've been working on. One is a new "Pygmalion" story. One is a Halloween story. With luck, they will get ready in a couple of weeks, though Halloween will wait for the right season. I expect to have Part VIII written and keeping my editors busy before the first of October. It should start posting about October 19 and will take the story through the first of the year.

That will clear November, the first month I'm in Hawaii, to write the Do-Over story I've had churning in my head for a few months. It will be novel-length (about 100,000 words) and will probably post sometime after the first of the year. It is possible that there will be a short break between LNDtH Part VIII and IX while that posts and I catch up on writing about Brian and crew.

So, lots more to come! Thanks for all the notes and encouragement you've sent. Enjoy!