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Reading Comprehension appears to be missing

August 1, 2015
Posted at 9:39 am

I've discovered that people don't read blogs or if they do they just don't get it. 3 days after I posted about how the complaints about Jessica, Kathy and Milli's comments about orgies were mostly play I've had 5 more complaints about how Jessica is some horrible monster forcing her girls into prostitution.

This is getting to the point where it actually angers me. Not because I'm getting feedback, but because people aren't even trying to understand.

First, Kathy and Milli initiate quite a bit of the conversation about the orgies and I challenge anyone to find one where they act like it was horrible they participated in one. Milli was definitely hesitant, but I know what I wrote and she isn't complaining that it was some horrible experience.

Second, Do you remember that one guy in high school who every Monday would sit and brag about how he "bagged" 2 or more girls over the weekend. And then someone followed him one weekend and found out that the guy hung out at Bob's Pool Hall pretending to hustle the patrons while crying that he hadn't gotten a date in six months? Jessica and her girls aren't that bad, but they aren't telling the truth. There is a lot of exaggeration in their conversation.

I thought I had managed to make that rather clear. The funny thing is that my original proof-readers and first readers never noticed a thing wrong with the Jessica storyline. they even thought it fit the universe since part of why Jessica did things like that was to ensure that her "companions" understood who was in charge. There is no coercion or pain involved. Milli and Kathy have enjoyed the experiences they've had. It strengthened their ties to Jessica because they weren't going to just be her slaves.

In some ways its like how any male citizen eventually has his concubines perform lesbian acts no matter how straight his girls are. In this story none of the characters have had that problem.

If you want to complain about someone "forcing" others, compare Jessica and Walter. Jessica has 2 girls who voluntarily stay with her and who appear to be happy with what happened. Walter can't keep a girl for more than 3 days and openly hates Mark and Jason because of that.