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The last Bells story doing as expected

July 27, 2015
Posted at 5:00 pm

First, thanks those who have said they enjoyed it. And, naturally, to those who didn't, although so far that has been confined to the score. It's doing about as well as my short sex stories usually do. Given only 700 readers were following the previous Bells story when it came out, and the download count after a year or two is still just 1400 for the last chapter, this one is obviously drawing in curious strangers. Welcome!

For those wondering, I consider this story a small coda on the tale, much better understood in context than on its own. I'll insert it into the print version and ebook at some point. Actually, thinking about it, that means each of the three Bells books I've assembled will have a short story in them (book 3, Magic of Bells, contains both Magic of Life and Magic of Bells). Let's hear it for symmetry!

No idea what's coming next. Various short stories are started. I also have an idea for a series of short stories, which I'm sure will annoy readers. Instead of chapter 2, you'll see an independent yet directly connected new story. Both the Love Unexpected and From the Aether series are like this, but they're mostly multi-chapter entries.

We'll see what happens.