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hopefully improving

July 24, 2015
Posted at 6:35 pm

a few more chapters the last few days for 'average life turned wet'
more chapters coming up.
Another new short story tomorrow.
Actually, All of the chapters for 'average life' have been written already a while ago but I keep revising them, so far revised them 3 or 4 times, just trying to sieve out the spelling/writing error, the flow of the story etc.
Criticism is very welcome, just let me know if you find serious errors in it and where and what and I will fix it and re-post.
I am quite new at this but I have learned a great deal already. I am surprising myself that when I have an idea and start writing, what flows in to my mind, a new kind of creativity (for 'average life that is') some other stories based on true experiences.
Still have a few more chapters and stories to edit and then I will start writing a new one again.
Thanks for you votes!