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Chapter 38

July 24, 2015
Posted at 2:47 pm

I received a few questions about the Hesco walls I mentioned. I remember seeing them on television once, and they go together very quickly.

One curious error I made was that in the Army the Public Information Office is called the Public Affairs Office. The Navy has the PIO. I fixed it and uploaded corrected chapters. Thanks.

In Chapter 38 I introduce Route Malibu. Route Malibu actually existed, and Route Indigo is simply a fictional southern continuation, just like 4th of the 4th is a fictional continuation of 2BCT. Much of the things I have written or will write about Route Indigo are directly taken from descriptions of Route Malibu.

I need some quick assistance. Anybody out there speak Spanish? My Spanish is extremely rusty and limited to what I picked up 40-plus years ago in high school. 'Mas cerveza, por favor' and 'Donde esta el bano?' is about my limit these days. While I can find some English-Spanish translation sites on the Internet, I'm not sure how much I trust automatic translators. It won't be much, just a few phrases. Thanks.

- rlfj