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Chapter 37

July 21, 2015
Posted at 2:41 pm

Several people commented on tears coming to their eyes during the scenes at the concert. FYI, when writing those scenes, tears came to mine, too. Worse, I had to read them more than once, for editing purposes, which means the tears came more than once. It was like that in A Fresh Start, when writing the chapter where the Tusks lost their youngest son. Trust me, tears came then, too.

Several people asked about the song at the end. Did I have music or more lyrics? Sorry guys, it's tough enough just putting sentences together. Making things rhyme is well beyond me. As for music, I have many fine talents but that ain't one of them. Curiously, as I rode into work this morning, I heard an old hit by the group Toto, who's first big hit was labelled 'Hold the Line'. Totally different song.

A few people commented they couldn't use the link to connect to my page at lulu.com. First, like a good writer, I put a period at the end of the sentence. Ooops. If you included the period when cutting & pasting, it doesn't work. I deleted the period. Second, on lulu I don't use rlfj (my initials), but my first two names, Rollie Lawson. Thank you for the interest.

- rlfj