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More on "Regrowth"

July 18, 2015
Posted at 9:20 pm

The response to "Regrowth" has been much better than I expected; therefore, I have extended it with sequels to the tune of about 66,000 words as two sequels. That makes the total story written so far as nearly 100,000 words, and I am working on a third sequel that I estimate to be another 30,000 words when it is finished.

I have written the story this way because I have a fear of not finishing a story, and I can be more sure of finishing it if it is chopped up like this. The whole business will be connected as a series. Any more stories in the series will be treated in the same way.

These first four stories in the series will be posted one after the other in the proper order, and readers should have no problem picking up the next story in the series. Each story ends with a proper closure of the main story thread; however, there is some foreshadowing of the next story in line in the last chapter of the story being posted.

I hope you continue to enjoy the stories. And, yes, I have no idea at this point when the series will end because I keep thinking of things that can happen. By the way, suggestions are welcome, but there is no guarantee that they will be used.