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Completion of stories.

July 17, 2015
Posted at 2:34 am

Making progress on completion of stories. Noticed earlier today that two of the stories were overlooked due to other projects. The first one called "Old Soldiers Never Die" is a sort of quasi-erotica/war story set in WWII about a German soldier. Some of the content was not yet submitted and needed editing. Estimate those two chapters to be submitted this weekend and that the story needs about two more chapters to finish it completely into a short novella. The other story is called "Winifred is Willing" and is actually about 3 sisters called Winifred, Cordelia and Annette. I originally had it as separate short stories but submitted it on SOL as a single story with 3 chapters. I think I will finish it off with a single concluding chapter to link the stories of the 3 sisters together with cross references. If it had been more popular, I would have continued it in the format of "Queen of the Nile" and rotated chapters between the sisters as the story continued but unfortunately not much interest in this story. I think it was because it was set in an earlier time period of different attitudes and culture and does not appeal much to a younger reading audience. Probably needed to expand the setting more and establish where the sisters were living and how they fit into their surroundings.