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Convergence - Book 3 of the Evolution Trilogy - Status

July 16, 2015
Posted at 11:16 pm

I have had several inquiries about the schedule to begin posting Convergence. I had intended to begin posting this week, but life got in the way. The doc calls it an ulcerated cornea. Fortunately, only one eye is involved at this time. I can still do somethings with one eye covered. I just have to go real slow to avoid mistakes.

I have ten chapters of the first draft finished. That is about a quarter or maybe a third of what I expect this story to be. There are still issues that I need to resolve in the first draft before I send it for editing. A read through as a sanity check is a lot different than reading for editing. The better product that I can give the editors, the better they can focus on issues besides repeating scenes or paragraphs that don't accomplish anything.

Please be patient. Convergence is coming. Just not as quickly as readers or I would like for it to happen.

Thanks again to all the readers that have sent notes. I do appreciate it.