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Mea Maxima Culpa

July 14, 2015
Posted at 11:26 am

Dear Randy Readers,

I read every letter sent to me. Usually I respond, although not to those who are anonymous - - it says not to.

Roughly my Jessica Mail falls into three categories:

> Mistakes - - getting names mixed up, spelling, etc. - - and there are many missteps.

> Kudos - - a few people actually enjoy my little stories. Although my scores aren't that high, I've touched some readers.

> Story Tags - - these letters to me are invariably complaints that my codes don't cover all the bases.

And … you correspondents are correct - - each of my stories is flagged simply as Mother Son. (A vague sort of homage to my own son, Jimmy, whose incest fantasies are far stronger than my own.)

This coding shortcut is, admittedly and unintentionally, an insult to those readers who stumble onto a subject - - kids, bi, blackmail, etc. - - that they don't want to read about.

When I start a story, it's with a character - - usually, and shamelessly - - based upon myself. I have no idea where the story will meander, nor where it will end up. Since Jimmy and I write alternate chapters, that compounds the randomness.

Among my many failings is sloth. I could update the tags as different themes emerge, but I don't.

Readers have suggested that my scores are so low because I blindside folks with a subject they don't want to read about. Maybe so. Or maybe my scores simply reflect the meagerness of whatever talents I may have.

In any case, I write primarily for my own enjoyment. And for my son and daughter's amusement. Any reader enjoyment in here is simply a bonus.

Keep it up!