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Amulets V, Chapters 13 & 14

July 10, 2015
Posted at 5:42 pm

The new chapters have been sent to the moderators for posting.

This week's chapters open with discussions about the lap desk that appeared earlier. Shortly the first volunteers arrive to process in. Training begins the next day. Several days later the need for the men to have sandals arises. After five weeks of classes, they are down to 80 trainees.

The next day will be Wisaka Bucha, an important Buddhist holy day, and the men are released to attend the Wats in the area. The following day Mike, Chanthra, and Ratana visit several Wats around Korat. During lunch they meet Lieutenant Chatchai. The following morning, Chanthra tells Mike that he needs to return to the unit.

Everyone in the unit is surprised by the arrival of a new building behind their barracks. To everyone's surprise it contains weapons and ammunition. This also raises a number of questions. Later that day Mike explains about the weapons to the men present but they are interrupted by a thief.

The next day there are classes and demonstrations on the weapons but more problems arise.

On 3 June, the Camp Commander arrives with others. He has questions about the weapons and the building. On entering the armory, there is a new presentation grade carbine there which Mike presents to the Camp Commander.

Enjoy these chapters. More next week.

I have nearly finished writing the final chapter of the story, but have quite a lot to enter in the computer yet.

Keep Well,
uncle jim