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Chapter 339 of Book 3 is in the queue

July 10, 2015
Posted at 3:31 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...The two studied well into the night trying to finish the multiple assignments. Diana finally looked over at her roommate. "How are your arms after all those pushups? Are they any better? Mine are really sore and I can only imagine how yours must feel with your, uh…"

"Frail little body," Selina supplied for her, then sighed. "I survived, but that assistant instructor standing over me yelling…" Diana sucked in a breath worrying that Selina was going to say something about quitting, but instead, she continued with, "…imbued me with the desire to decapitate him. However, I realize that my anger helped to strengthen me sufficiently to enable me to complete the requirements. What certainly caused my anger, however, is his obvious desire to precipitate my resignation. It is apparent in his facial expression, but he shall never achieve his desire - not from me. I shall become stronger. I shall!" she exclaimed.

Diana quoted. "No music, no outside calls, 12 hour class days, 6000 sit-ups, 6000 push-ups, 160 miles of running, all in the first twelve weeks. No sex between plebes, at least on campus, and certainly not with an instructor anywhere. We have two free days after those first twelve weeks, but by then all I will want to do is sleep."

"Oh?" Selina teased, "I would have thought that you would spend those two days somewhere with Carlyle having multiple orgasms."

Diana mock glared at her. "Not funny. That prick thinks he's the answer to every woman's dreams. But he glided through the calisthenics without breaking a sweat as far as I could tell - damn his arrogant ass."...

Have a goodun;