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Story codes in "New Society, New Rules"

July 8, 2015
Posted at 1:08 pm

The "rape" story code.

I've discussed this before, but due to the emails I'm getting and the number of 1 votes, I believe it's worth repeating.

Choosing story codes is a judgment call. And the same code means different things to different people.

The "rape" code is not the legal definition of rape. If it were, stories with consensual sex with a minor would have the rape code. Why, the sex is consensual? Because in legal terms, it's rape.

The "rape" code is used for violent, physical rape. Drag a girl into the bushes and do it against her will is what the rape story code means.

There is a scene in my story "New Society, New Rules" that has non-consensual sex. Non-consent in that she's given an ultimatum -- do it or go off on her own where she probably wouldn't survive. That's also coercion.

But I didn't list "non-consent" and "coercion" as story codes. Not "reluctant" either even though it would apply. Why not? Because that's not what the story is about. It's a tiny part of the story simply to get two characters together and to show that people (the father) will do something in a survival situation that he would never have done in his old world (hence the story title). Someone looking for a non-consent/coercion/reluctant story would be disappointed with this story if they found it based on those codes (if I had included them).

Also, I'm not one of those authors who lists 20 story codes. I choose the pertinent ones. So although there's voyeurism, it's not a voyeurism story so I didn't include that code. Same for "oral" and others.