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Had to repost Chapter 2 ("New Society, New Rules")

July 3, 2015
Posted at 8:32 pm

I did something I don't do. I didn't read through the entire first draft before doing the final chapter edits and posting them. I just found an inconsistency in a later chapter that required me to repost Chapter 2. As of this blog entry, it's still waiting to be posted. That's one reason I finish a story before posting any of it.

It has nothing to do with this story, but when I wrote "Matilda and the Assassin" I had intended her to remain a hit man (or is it a hit girl?) and planned to make a universe of it with several stories. But I liked her too much to have her live that kind of life so I changed the ending. To do so, I had to go back and enhance the Crash character. I did that before posting any chapter so you, the reader, never knew.

So if you've already read Chapter 2 and in a later chapter say, "Wait, he isn't starting a fire with the spark of a rock," don't worry about it. Reference to using rocks to start the fire are now removed from Chapter 2 (or will be when it's reposted). It's a tiny change so you don't have to reread Chapter 2. You might never have even noticed. But I did.