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Chapter 31

June 30, 2015
Posted at 2:31 pm

Some interesting comments on the M-14 I brought up in the last chapter. Some readers swore by it, and some swore at it. I think there were good arguments on both sides. I think it probably comes down to personal preference and how well it is maintained, which could be said for any weapon.

I had an excellent email from a reader, and I am going to include part of it here. Hold your judgment until afterwards.

"The term 'nom-coms' is not really used anymore. The only place I've seen it used in years is in TV shows and movies. Non-commissioned officers is used but not very often. You would mostly hear that when someone is trying to make a point, kind of the same way when a parent uses your full name. NCO or NCOs is the common term, used almost universally. Also a NCO is still considered an enlisted Soldier. Grim says that he would not room with the 'enlisted' but the nom-coms.

Grim uses 'Affirmative' in several instances. That is not a common Army response. The more common Army response would be 'Roger' or considering the setting of the chapter, 'hoooh-ahhhh' was the common response during that time."

Here's the question. Remember, accuracy is critical. I have said several times that when an author gets a small detail wrong, it can be more important than getting something much bigger wrong. This is not a matter of nit-picking, but of accuracy, and I value the comment. For instance, he also pointed out that Marines have drill instructors, but the Army has drill sergeants. I checked and he is correct, so I uploaded a couple of edits. So, for all you Army veterans who saw service in the period Grim will be in (2003-2007?), are these comments accurate? I can always do a quick edit on the dialogue as needed. Thanks.

- rlfj