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SECOND CHANCE - BOOK TEN - Chapter Twenty - Two

June 26, 2015
Posted at 7:01 pm

After a long day, following a long week, and with a long month of treatment ahead, I am pleased to tell you that Chapter Twenty - Two is in the queue.

Everybody had an opinion about the scoring system change, but as I predicted, it worked itself out just fine. We are very grateful to Lazeeze for his hard work, perseverance and general knowledge about this stuff.

Somewhere along the line, people taking advantage of a free site need to stop ripping the person doing all the work.

The same goes for people who just have to beat us up because they think we offended their sense of propriety, the sanctity of their political opinions, or some other facet of the creative process.

We do this because it gives us pleasure. If you are reading our work, freely given as a gift, and can;t help yourself from attacking the providers, you should either write yourself, or set yup your own site, and then impose whatever content, opinions, or grammatical rules you wish. For the rest of us, we are happy to share and enjoy what is shared.

Have a great weekend.