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We have forgot the fart

June 26, 2015
Posted at 9:11 am

"The Earl of Oxford knelt before Queen Elizabeth I to pay homage at her crowning and broke wind. The poor man was so embarrassed that he put himself into exile from England for seven years."

Dr. Arthur Ballet, my theatre history professor at the University of Minnesota recited this story to a class that was so large it had to be held in Rarig Center's largest theater. Ballet continued as he strutted up and down the stage, entertaining as much as lecturing.

"When the Earl returned from his self-imposed exile, he was understandably nervous to approach the Queen once again. Queen Elizabeth, however, beckoned him forward saying, 'Come, my lord. We have forgotten about the fart.'"

And thus it is with the scoring changes. They were accidentally implemented after Lazeez had decided not to go forward with them and in a few hours they had been backed out of the code and order was restored. We have forgot the fart.

On to new and actually interesting things, I have submitted the first three chapters of LNDtH Part VII to the editing cycle. I'm determined to get ahead of the game, even as I await the last three chapters of Part VI to be spit out of the editor's pen. Things move apace and fun is about to be.

I'm "Up Nort" in Minnesota, preparing to start west on Monday. Today, I will visit the headwaters of the Mississippi at Lake Itasca. I will be taking photos of the "World's Largest Loon" in Vergas, MN and of course, of Paul Bunyon in Bemidji. I am devoted to seeing all these historical sites that have done so much to form our country. They will join my pictures of the giant egg (Mentone, IN) and the giant pistachio (Alamogordo, NM).

Now, on with the adventure!