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Chapter 29

June 23, 2015
Posted at 1:12 pm

Lots of comments about my moral fiber, or lack thereof, with the cliffhanger in chapter 28. I never really considered it that much of a cliffhanger, which has a usual connotation of drama. In any case, this chapter resolves that issue.

On a separate note, for my wife's birthday I got her a Kindle e-book reader, and loaded A Fresh Start on it. It is hilarious watching my wife read it. She can't put it down! She also has more than a few comments that I am nowhere near as heroic/rich/fascinating as Carl is, which simply makes me return the compliment vis a vis Marilyn. Also funny is that since I have transferred a few bucks from the PayPal account to our checking account, she is more than happy with me writing at home at nights. "Keep writing!", she says!

- rlfj