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June 20, 2015
Posted at 8:15 am

Harry has been busy lately writing non-erotic stories but will now give attention to finishing the yellow line stories in this file under the Harry Lime pen name. I have added one short story marked "finished" even though it is sort of open ended despite being "stand alone". I notice that several writers in the SOL stable have these long running serial stories that sometimes are the only stories they have written and when taken in the entirety they are like thousands of pages long and have an audience of devoted followers. It is amazing to me because I would get dreadfully tired of the same characters and the same scenario day after day. It would be like going to the stage play night after night and saying the same lines to the same audience. There is just so much of "My Fair Lady" that one can handle. I have also analyzed the SOL algorithm for scoring and find that there are vast discrepancies in the way they "smooth" the scores. At the risk of seeming paranoid, I also suspect there is a contingent of SOL members that flit from writer to writer doing their best to undermine their scores because they have a sense of loyalty to a certain writer and feel they need to so something to bring down the competition. I have read a lot of the stories that carry a score of 8 plus and find that a lot of them are sheer nonsense. I was on another site in recent years on which I had several million downloads of my stories with about two dozen stories in the "famous" category of more than 30K downloads. I terminated my connection with that site because of the same type of manipulation with scoring that I suspect is going on here at SOL. I might be completely offbase with my suspicions about this site but needed to get it off my chest since it would impact other writers as well.