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explanations and apologies

June 19, 2015
Posted at 9:33 pm


First I have to sincerely apologize for the errors in the first 5 chapters. I was in a hurry to post and didn't use the copy my proofreader had sent back, but my original drafts. Errors got left in. I have reposted the first 5 chapters and they should be much improved.

Second, I know, 3 chapters in a week when I promised 1. I have been writing as fast as I can and feel comfortable publishing a few extra chapters. the truth is that I'll probably end up tunnel visioning(writing) on Building for a while so the sooner I finish it and publish every chapter the sooner I can go back to the next book I want to publish on Amazon. Otherwise I won't give you my best effort and my fans here are worth it even if few of them tried my Lost on Jord series.

For those of you who have, thanks. sales were not as high as I dreamed, but I have sold a few copies which is something to be proud of.

happy reading.