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My Favorite Bands/Artists # 1

June 19, 2015
Posted at 11:33 am

1-KISS. Yeah, I can hear the snickers, but these guys were big for me.....VERY big. While others around me were into the image (and yes, it was a part of it for me too), I was into the music. These guys weren't geniuses, musically speaking, but every song seemed to "speak" to me. In those bygone days of my teens when slitting a wrist seemed more preferable to another day of the soap opera known as "High School" or being a slave to my parents, I could throw on one of these guy's records (remember those?) and eventually a song would come up that related to whatever the current problem was, and make me feel better, because it seemed someone actually "understood" me. When I bought my first album (Kiss Alive!) My mom swore she had lost me to the devil. That right there was enough to make this ordinarily "good kid" grab onto them with everything I had. Every serious GF I've ever had has known that if I should die on her "watch" that I am to be buried with the first 8 Kiss albums, not CD's, not Tapes, but the fucking RECORDS! Those records are the reason I'm still here breathing today. Believe it.

I was recently "edumicating" a friend of mine on KISS, she had made it to 40 without hearing anything but "Beth" and "Rock and Roll all night" So I played her bits of every song, from every album, chronologically, and while I was bemoaning the fact that I've reached the age, where some of the songs sound "stupid" to me, I was amazed at how many of them still move me, still mean so much to me. And the world now has a new KISS

Honorable mention goes to the following; Brownsville Station, Ted Nugent, and SteppenWolf.