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My Favorite Bands/Artists #2

June 19, 2015
Posted at 11:29 am

2-The Beatles. It took me awhile to really get into these guys, as they were a favorite of my mother's, Therefore, uncool for me. But, then again, My initial exposure to music of any kind was through a box of about 100 45's she had. I would comb through that box, discovering things that to this day I still try to find on CD. Apparently in her teens, mom was quite the rocker, and she had some very good stuff. One name that kept popping up in those records was of course The Beatles. I would throw them on the record player, a little green encased thing, that only played in mono, and listen. I could hear stuff in it I liked, but I couldn't really "appreciate" it. In my last year of High School, we had a teacher, a history teacher, that took it upon himself one day to teach us the lineage of Rock and Roll, after going through the Elvis years and the very early 60's Doo Wop phaze, he finally got to the Beatles, man, did this guy dig the Beatles, and not only him, but other kids in the class, KIDS MY AGE, were grooving and talking about how cool they (Beatles) were and had been. Well, that kinda changed my outlook, I had to see what this was about. Now being a recordholic (at the present I own 1500 vinyl records), it was no problem for me to buy Beatle albums, even if I might only listen to them once. But, something strange happened, I actually started "listening" to what I was hearing, And these guys rocked my world! From "Love Me Do" all the way to the very last song they recorded as a Group "The End", I could hear snippets of genius in all of it. These guys were SO FAR ahead of thir time, it was unbelievable! Granted, that at the end of the day, they were just a POP group, but they were THEE Pop group. And they are one of the very few artists, that you can actually watch their maturity as songwriters grow over each succeeding release, yet every song still had a touch of what made them so much FUN to begin with. Name any other band, that you can say that about. Honestly. These four guys were "Fated" to be great, go back and look at all the twists and turns that each of them went through to finally find each other, it was Fate, or maybe Destiny, either way it was already written in some cosmic book to happen. Which is all the more believable, when you consider that NONE of the four on their own, not even McCartney, reached the heights that the four of them did together, that in itself is amazing!

I have a theory on The Beatles relating to modern times, I've seen it happen time and time again, so I hold it to be true. Each succeeding generation, shuns the Beatles in their teens and early 20's, for the most part, some get "enlightened" earlier than others, but somewhere along the line each generation "discovers" the Beatles on their own, and they go from being that "old band that sucks" to being " The best group ever". I have had the pleasure of watching kids going from believing there was never anything better than Nirvana, go into a "Beatlemania" like craze, when they finally "get it". Is it any wonder, or is it just coincidence, that their music catalog is still the best selling, even today? Or that any time a new music format comes along, the very first thing released on it is a Beatle album?
Or that even today, with all the gadgets and technology that we have in studio music production, that "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" Is STILL held up as the production all others are compared to? And it was recorded In 1967!!! On 4 Track tape!!!!!!!!

Coincidence or Destiny?

Interesting sidenote, once The Beatles became "cool" to me, they became "uncool" to my mom....go figure