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My Favorite Bands/Artists--Top 10

June 19, 2015
Posted at 10:57 am

Now in Descending order, My top 10 Favorite groups

10-Led Zeppelin- I'm not as "rabid" about these guys, as some or most of their fans are. I'm not afraid to say that some of their stuff was total crap, but when they were hitting on all cylinders, no body, but NOBODY, did it better. Primarily, a "Blues" group, which they did very well, their sense of imagry was fantastic. And while I think Jimmy Page is very important in the evolution of Rock guitar playing, he was FAR from the best, but damn was he good. One of my favorite albums of ALL time is "Led Zeppelin II" also known as the "Brown Bomber", this is one of those albums that from the first note to the last one, you never want to lift the needle or the lazer. And no matter how advanced technology has gotten, they STILL sound better on vinyl. And one thing, Page gave the world as a producer, was the idea that drums needed to be BIG and HEAVY in a rock song. You will not find, I believe, a song recorded prior to their first album, with drums as more than just a backpiece to the music, Not Jimi, Not even the Beatles had drums BIG in the mix, but everything recorded since, has it that way. When George Martin goes back and remixes Beatle songs as he does regularly, you can hear, that the primary focus, is to get "them thar" drums BIG, the same with Eddie Kramer and Jimi's stuff. Zep, really brought what came to be known as "Heavy Metal" into the public awareness. If only, so many of the 80's Hair Metal bands hadn't tried to BE Zeppelin (because there can only be one) Maybe Grunge, wouldn't have been able to kill it off.

9-The Rockets- No this isn't the band that "Crazy Horse" used to be. These guys were straight out of Detroit. In fact this was the band that used to be the Detroit Wheels That backed up MItch Ryder all those years. They came back in the late 70's with a new name, and a harder sound, and a deeper focus on the boogie rather than the funky soul that Ryder did all those years. Their one hit, a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well" is one of the best things ever recorded. It is criminal that almost NONE of their stuff has made it to CD, except the first album, which is an out of print, Import only, that on last look at Ebay was going for upwards of 200 dollars. I'm crazy about music, but not insane. And the only version of "oh well" on CD, I've been able to find is the "single" version, which means most of the best parts are gone. If anyone out there knows where I can get some of their stuff on CD, because I can't check everywhere, PLEASE, I beg of you, PLEASE let me know. These guys were one of my first concerts here in Orlando, one of those "SuperBowl of Rock" things, with about five headline groups. If it hadn't of been for Molly Hatchet, The Rockets would have stolen that show completely (update; the second and third albums, their two best have finally been released on CD! Finally the full version of "Oh Well" in all it's remastered glory!)