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My Favorite Bands/Artists - Top 10

June 19, 2015
Posted at 10:55 am

After my "Ultimate CD" Blog, I became aware, that there are many music lovers on SOL, who seem to really like being able to discuss it. I wrote this next list a few years ago, and no one noticed. But, after re-reading it, I stand pat on it, just as it is. Hopefully it will spark discussion as well. We all need a diversion sometimes.

Most of you know by now that I am a musician. I've always had dreams of being a big enough star, that the music magazines would come to me wanting to know my influences and favorite bands. Silly? Sure,(and it never happened,except locally) but I've always loved to read these kinds of things in the mags. So here's hoping some of you will find my list interesting.

I must preface this by saying that my biggest influence is/was too big for any list, he is above any list, and That would be ELVIS. Everything we know as " rock music" today comes from this man. Yes, the younger generation will scoff at that, but it IS true. He broke so many barriers, that without him, Rock, and even POP music as we know it today would not exist. He was not the first Rocker, but he was the first White Rocker, and while today that may not mean much, you have to remember that, even though People like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Fats Domino were already Rockin' and Rollin', and were in fact Pioneering this new music, that in the early to mid 50's were not going to be played on radio stations that reached the masses, because in the racial climate at the time, The prevailing sentiment was; "There"weren't no blacks playing that "Devil music" gonna be playin' in my house" But, Elvis, being a "white boy with a black voice" was able to get on the radio. And when he did break out, He broke so big and so fast, that it made teens have no other option, that if they wanted hear something "new" in this style, they had to discover the others playing it, thus bringing the black rockers into the spotlight. Yes, Elvis made some dumb moves later on, and he cut his own life tragically short by his actions, but, he was the first rebel, even the first "Thug", And, I thank God he didn't live to see what we've done with the "music" he busted down those doors to give us. You think Hip Hop would exist in it's present form (or at all) without him? Think again.