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Not a story. So I post it here.

June 17, 2015
Posted at 1:41 pm

I am informed this does not qualify as a story, which I fully agree, and apologise for my ignorance. If I had not already said it was coming, I would let it go. But as I did, here it be;

My Ultimate CD

These are the songs That Rock my world. The 20 songs that I would have to have, were I stranded on a deserted Island. I say 20, because I can fit approximately 20 songs on a CD. This would be my ultimate mix CD. You can keep your iPods,and MP3's thank you very much. The shame is, you don't even know how crappy they sound.

20--Fat Bottom Girls--Queen-- Every once in a while, Queen could leave their Prog Rock leanings behind, and just belt out a good rockin' tune. This is the one that puts it all together. A great hook, great guitar, and that three part harmony to die for, multi tracked many times. Brian May once said that he loved giving Freddie songs like this to sing, just to see how the gay front man would handle it, I'd say he did an awesome job on this one.

19--On The Darkside--Eddie and The Cruisers (John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown Band)--Has a song ever been created just for a movie that was better than this? Not to my knowledge. 60's pop with 80's production., from that haunting intro, to the wicked, feel good rhythm, that thumping bass and kick drum, This song just rocks! As a DJ, I pull this song out, and the dance floor immediately becomes Grand Central Station. If you can sit still with this song playing, you have no rhythm in your soul..

18--Frankenstein--The Edgar Winter Group---Quite possibly THEE best instrumental ever recorded. The emotional highs and lows in this song make for an almost perfect dynamic experience. Great synth playing, great guitar work (without jacking off), the various melodies, and even a drum solo, all clocking in at just a little over 4 minutes, this song hardly gives the listener a chance to catch his or her breath from the first drum roll that starts the song. An incredible roller coaster ride from start to finish. Not bad for a song released in 1972, hmmm?

17--Whole Lotta Love--Led Zeppelin---This is the epitome of everything Led Zep was trying to do. Other that "Stairway To Heaven", Everything Led Zeppelin was ever to accomplish musically was right here in a song on only their second album. Don't misunderstand me, Zeppelin went on to produce many masterpieces, but they can all be traced back to this song. That big "Orgasm" middle still blows me away everytime I hear it. And that such a heavy song, production wise, was released in 1969, I find amazing.

16--Roller--April Wine--This was the ultimate Power Pop song, from what I believe was the best Power Pop band in existence. The melodies, the harmonies, The POWER of this tune, all dressed up as a Boogie shuffle, that out-Pops just about anything of it's era. The three part guitar harmonies and duals (all in a Pop format, mind you) really helped set the stage for what bands like Molly Hatchet would be doing in just a couple of years..This band had a huge impact on my songwriting, I just recently had one of my songs compared to an April Wine song, and I was thrilled. I had not listed them as an influence, anywhere, yet someone picked it out. I thought that was great.

15--Eruption/You Really Got Me---Van Halen---This has to be one of the most potent one-two punches ever layed down on tape, and are usually always played as one song, thus my cheating and putting them together. Eruption forever changed the way the world looked at lead guitar playing, and is STILL after all that has come after it, one of the most amazing guitar pieces ever recorded. You Really Got Me, forever changed the way cover versions of any song would be looked at, make it yours, but keep the spirit of the Original. Originally recorded in 1964 by The Kinks, it was quite possibly the first Heavy Metal song ever recorded. Ray Davies of The KInks, always likes to tell the story, of whenever they play Really Got Me on tour, there is usually someone too young to know better, that comes up and says "That was really cool that you played that Van Halen song". Ray just smiles all the way to the bank with the royalty checks lol

14--Good Vibrations--The Beach Boys---The first Acid Rock song ever recorded. This song is a trip from beginning to end. I believe this was the pinnacle of what Brian Wilson was trying to achieve musically. Lord knows, they never even got close to anything like it again, not that they didn't try.

13--Shine--Collective Soul---This song deserved much better than to be lumped under the "Grunge" tag, but if it must be so labeled, then I find it Ironic that the best Grunge rock song was one of the first recorded and released, and recognized as such. The way this song is put together is an education in Pop, power, melody, and hook. Just a bunch of Orlando boys that recorded a demo in their basement, got the local station to play it, and it took off like wildfire. I believe this song, even more than "Teen Spirit" really ushered in the whole early 90's Grunge movement. But at the end of the day, this will be one of those songs that 50 years from now, will stand out from the pack.

12--Louie Louie--The Kingsmen--Another song that epitomizes it's era. And one that now, even more than 50 years after IT'S recording, stands out from the pack. In 1963, American youth was bombarded with doo wop and safe rockers like Pat Boone. Elvis wasn't dangerous anymore, and The Beatles were a year away from the American kids even knowing their name, and this three chord powerhouse hits the airwaves, can you imagine? It was so far above anything else that was on the radio at the time that Congress even held committees to try and decide if the lyrics were obscene or harmful to the American youth, I find that amazing. Many bands have covered this song. Every band ever put together has at least jammed on it, but no one has captured whatever it is that makes this recording so primal, and so dangerous.

11--Little Wing--Jimi Hendrix---The most beautiful thing Jimi ever wrote or recorded. In such a short amount of time in this song, Jimi touches on so many complex ideas in lyric, mood, and playing, and never loses the listener. Stevie Ray Vaughn does a fairly faithful cover of this, but for me, it HAS to be Jimi. Fly on Little Wing, indeed.

10--It's Only Rock-N-Roll (But I Like It)--The Rolling Stones---Once again, this is one of those cases where everything a band is trying to do is epitomized in one instant moment of cosmic awareness. They had great songs before it, great songs after it, But in this one shining moment everything was made clear as to just what and who The Rolling Stones were. It was right about this time that they picked up the tag "The world's greatest Rock and Roll Band" And in this instant, it was true.

9--(Get It On) Bang A Gong--T. REX---Marc Bolan had a rhythm, a shuffle, a boogie all his own, that existed on a different plane than everyone else, but was close enough to this plane, that occasionally we could share in the music of this tortured genius. This is one of those songs that again both epitomizes and rises above it's era. It never seems to grow old. The glam era is forever beholden to this song.

8--Who Are You--The Who--This band had so many great and not so great songs. This is the peak for me. They were all in their early thirties, leaving most of the teen anger behind them, but still hungry enough to have an edge to them. This song is just so primal in nature, yet recorded so well. And it was the last song that Keith Moon played on, how can you top that? Everything that came after this was so poppy and keyboard driven, that it is hard to believe it was the same band. The more adventurous radio stations delighted in sneaking the full version past the tight asses every now and then. It was somehow liberating to hear Daltry scream "Fuck" twice in the song, coming off of the radio.

7--Cold Gin--Kiss--- As most of you know by now, Kiss is my all time favorite band, and if I had to pick just one of their songs, it would be this one from their first album. That first record is just so Glam in nature that it is hard not to like it, but this song stands out so well, because it is STILL one of the heaviest Rockers they ever did in their long career. You have to wonder if that is because it was the first song Ace Frehley wrote for the band. it was hard, definitely not Glam, and stands out from that album like a sore thumb. It is also the best produced/mixed song on that record as well.

6--Don't Run Wild--Del Fuegos--Most of you are going the who? what? Yeah, they didn't make much of a mark, but if you have never heard this song, you have missed out big time. I wrote a review for their "Best Of" album on Amazon, that culminates in saying "This song is the shit!!" and it is.

5--Stranglehold---Ted Nugent---Everything that Ted ever did before and after recording this can be traced right to this song. It is his peak as both a guitarist and songwriter. This is the link between Nugent's past and his future. His playing and singing here is just stellar. He has tried to recreate this song in numerous other ways, but nothing ever came close to this masterpiece.

4--Ballroom Blitz--The Sweet--If Bang A Gong defined the Glam period, this song by The Sweet gave it it's balls. Those huge drums, The harmonies, the "never let up" energy of this thing just slays me everytime I hear it. If there is song from the Glam period that rocks harder or better than this, I've yet to hear it. And, Lord, there are so many cover versions of this song out there, yet NO ONE has ever gotten close to what these guys did.

3--Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)--Jimi Hendrix---Pure Genius, that sums this song up so well, that everything else said about it is just filler. Jimi never played better (in the studio) than he did here. Even though the song is over 5 minutes long, it still seems so concise, so "realized" that it is just incredible. That "Chicka-Chicka" wah-ed guitar at the beginning of this has been tried and added to so many other songs in one form or another, but no one seems to be able to catch the emotion, the soul, that Jimi produced here. my favorite lyric line in all of music comes from this song; "I didn't mean to take up all your sweet time/ I'll give it back to you, one of these days/ But if I don't see you no more, in this world/ I'll meet you in the next one, Don't be late" 'nuff said.

2--Daytripper--The Beatles--I have used the word "epitomize" way too much in this list, but that is the only word that fits here. As for me this is THE song of songs by The Beatles. I love this band, I truly do, and all of the Beatle stuff ranks as high as anything else, but for me this song has everything they were trying to do. The awesome guitar lick, the harmonies, the beat, the melody. It all came together in this song, to really outshine everything else in their career. It was the link between the "Pop" band Beatles, and the more "Cerebral band" Beatles. Without this song, there would have been no "Revolver", and without "Revolver", there would have been no "Sgt. Peppers" Just my opinion, of course.

1--Oh Well---The Rockets--This is the song of songs that I could NOT live without. This band that used to be "The Detroit Wheels" that backed up Mitch Ryder all those years, came back together with a new Frontman, the first album didn't make much of an impact, but on their second one, they took this song that started life as a rambling jam by Peter Green in Fleetwood Mac (yeah kids, in the 60's 'Mac was actually a very bluesy, heavy rock band, with a genius at the guitar slot) and turned it into such a danceable, heavy rocker. Even if you've never heard of the band, you've heard this version of the song. It is so hard to believe that this and Mac's version are the same tune. Purists prefer the original, but this is one case where I can say that to my mind, the cover was way over and above the original. The bluesy groove of this version is just so damn hard to resist.

So that's My top 20.

what would be yours?