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Catching up with Jim Mellon

June 14, 2015
Posted at 3:53 pm

In addition to being a writer, I read. I like to think that I've selected some of the best stories on SOL to be in my queue, but unfortunately, at least eight of them are highlighted in yellow--most not yet started. I enjoy reading stories about some of the areas that I'm visiting on my journey.

I've read GraySapien's stories while touring New Mexico, JRyter while in Oklahoma, Number 7 while visiting Brandon, Asheville, and Florida, Dual Writer in Florida, and many others. In the past week, I visited Shany's Bar and Grill in St. Johns, MI, where Old Man with a Pen tells me there is a bar with a burger like the Wendy. I didn't find it, but I enjoyed the Shany Burger.

This morning I was standing in line at McDonald's to get a quick cup of coffee for the road and flipped open my phone to find some 'waiting in line' reading. I hadn't checked in on Jim Mellon's Erotic Journey Across America by Wolf in quite a while. Imagine my delight when I realized I'd left off just as Jim was ready to leave Mackinac Island and head west toward Wisconsin along the lake. Excatly my route this morning! Like Jim, I dawdled along the way, stopped at scenic overlooks, smiled at "The Mystery Spot," and have camped at a small park just north of Esconaba. Tomorrow, however, Jim and I will part company again as he heads south through Wisconsin and I head west toward Minneapolis. I'll keep reading until Jim catches up with me again. He seems to go north and south, moving gradually westward. I'm ready to complete my second circuit and will fill all the states on my Lower 48 map except Kansas, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont in mid-July. I'll pick those up eventually.

Well, it was fun to join Jim on his journey today. Now it's time to start writing again!