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Will there be another "Model Student"?

June 7, 2015
Posted at 1:40 pm

During the two-month interval from when I finished posting LNDtH1 and began posting LNDtH2, there was an uptick in the downloads for the "Model Student" series. Apparently, after folks breezed through Blackfeather, they needed something to fill the gap. This uptick was also represented in the number of emails I received about that series. And the most common question of all was, "Will there be another Model Student story?"

Well, I have to admit that Tony, Melody, Lissa, Kate, and Wendy rose to a special place in my heart--and, by the comments, in the hearts of others as well. So, I guess it is no surprise that people might want another story with these characters. I tend to bite off much more than I can chew at times and have avoided revisiting this storyline while I'm working on "Living Next Door to Heaven 2".

I have about ten stories that have files opened with a page or two or a concept statement written. But I've tried very hard to not get involved with them until I'm at least finished with LNDtH2 Part VI. That has been going a little slower than I anticipated and I am loathe to set my hand to any other stories at this time.

That being said, I should answer the question. I do have in mind a couple other stories in the Model Student Universe. They don't necessarily revolve around the main characters, though. I launched the first one in my series of short stories titled Pygmalion Revisited. In the second story of that series, "Lost Wax," Jerome, the sculptor who did the crucifix in the church Tony painted, was the lead character and we get a glimpse into the life and love of that reclusive character. (BTW, I expect to finish the fourth story in that series as soon as I've completed LNDtH2 Part VI.)

I also have in mind a story that involves Amy (Amalia Want) and her new career as a Roller Derby skater. Then there is the story of "the trips," as they are called. Kate's brother and sisters. And finally, sometime in a few years when I've written all the stories in "The Props Master" series, I envision a cross-over where those two storylines intersect.

So, will there be another "Model Student" story? Your guess is as good as mine. I suppose it depends mostly on whether I live long enough. I'm pretty sure I have several years of projects already lined up!