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Chapter 334 of Book 3 is in the queue

June 5, 2015
Posted at 3:49 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...Ever so slowly, he reached a hand out with the back of it facing the wolf so the animal could smell it, which it did. "Time for us to start being friends, you big ugly bastard," he said in the most soothing voice he could muster.

Cutting several small pieces off the chunk of meat, he put one just in front of the wolf's mouth. When it gobbled it up, Morales, holding another piece in the tips of his fingers, offered it to the wolf. At first, the beast looked at the meat, then back up at Morales. "Come on, Lobo. There's plenty more where this came from, but just the meat and not my fingers," he tried to joke. With trepidation, he moved his hand a little closer to the wolf's muzzle.

With a movement that startled Morales, the wolf snapped up the meat, but the human's fingers were still intact. "Good Boy," he said, wondering if the wolf intentionally missed the fingers. Oh, well. If I don't tame him now while he's dependent on me, I never will.

"Shit, Boy. Do you have any idea how puckered my ass is right now?" he asked in soothing terms as he slowly reached to stroke a hand across the wolf's head and neck. Damn. That thick fur is a lot softer than it looks. With a bath and a good brushing, he should look really nice.

He could hear a rumbling coming from the animal. "Now is that nice? Here I am feeding you after I've stitched your side up, and you're growling at me." After offering another piece of the cat meat, he again stroked the wolf's head and neck. The growl was still there, but it was quieter and of shorter duration this time.

"Hmmm. A little undecided, huh? I think that psychology book would call that conflicting emotions or something similar, but even though you growl, you're taking the meat a little quicker each time."

Pouring a little more water into the pan, he offered the liquid to the wolf, and as before, helped the animal to raise itself up enough as it again drank thirstily, but didn't growl this time. "That's enough for now. We don't want you throwing up and spoiling everything we've accomplished so far. Why don't the two of us take a little nap? I damn sure need one, and I guess you do too."...

Have a goodun;