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CONTEST: Where was Patricia?

June 4, 2015
Posted at 6:48 pm

If you have read through chapter 97 of Hard Times you realize that Patricia has "seen some shit".

There have been touch points where Patricia came back to the trailer stressed out, and at times left without saying much. If you connect the dots early on in the story - you will be able to surmise that she was probably dealing with her own story.

and what a story it might be; Dancing at the landing strip, looking for Mike, dealing with problems of her own.

CONTEST: Write a story - it could be a vignette about a possible night at the Landing Strip! It could be the time the family saw her at Rowdy's and instead of joining them for dinner she avoided them. It could be the time she came home and saw her daughter naked caught up in some shenigan and instead of completing blowing a lid - she gave her a stern talking too and stalked off to her bedroom!

It could be something else entirely! perhaps something at the mall.

Remember someone stole Ellen's clothes at the mall? Who was that and why?

Write the fanfiction how you want - add it to the Family Feud "Universe" (the submission wizard guides you through that process).

If I read your story and like it - not only will I make it official canon, but I will reference the events in flashbacks in Hard Times!

Good Luck!