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Chapter 22

May 29, 2015
Posted at 2:50 pm

The new book seems to be well received. Thanks to all who enjoy it.

I reposted the last chapter due to a typo. "…some of the other platoons were mixed units and would be disbanded and disbursed…" I obviously meant dispersed, and changed it in the story. However if you think of basic training as a storage warehouse and the troops as currency, then when the troops get sent out they are being disbursed. Just one of those oddities of the English language.

I also reposted it because I forgot to run my macro to clean up my punctuation. Back when the dinosaurs were young, I was taught a different punctuation for dialogue, and I have been running a macro lately to clean up the problem. I tend to forget at times.

I remarked last time that bribery was good. A couple of readers decided not to wait and made a donation to my PayPal account and got the entire book to date. As I commented, I can't be bought but I can be rented. My virtue is decidedly negotiable. Just letting you know, it's an option. Enough said on that.

- rlfj