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Visualizing the Setting

May 29, 2015
Posted at 8:38 am

I don't make a secret about my Facebook page, but I don't usually promote it either. It is, however, a convenient place for me to post pictures of book covers, diagrams, and other miscellany. So, I give you today's link:

What inspired this is a question asked by a very helpful reader regarding the layout and number of bedrooms in the Frost home in Mishawaka. Um... not really sure. I know that the general floor plan of that home has always been a little hazy. I always considered it a fairly modest home, but sometimes my descriptions make it sound like a sprawling mansion. I'll borrow a Harry Potterism and say that the guest room is a room of necessity: it appears when needed. In order to avoid that problem with LNDtH2, I've posted a floor plan of the bunkhouse duplex that will figure prominently in Chapter 4 and following. As the story progresses, I'll post other floor plans so there is some grounding of where a dozen kids are going to live when they move to Bloomington.

And many thanks to Robert, who has been sending me still more proofreading corrections on LNDtH1. I am making them.