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The Name Game: Answers

May 27, 2015
Posted at 4:19 pm

First off, weekly downloads for LNDtH2 exceeded those for LNDtH1 late last night, which means, I suppose, that those of you who rushed out to read the changes I made in LNDtH1 v2 before you started LNDtH2 have finished. Either way, thanks! Hope you are enjoying the story.

A reader asked me to post a list of the names that had changed from v1 to v2. I debated long and hard about that. The purpose was to erase the former names. But, I owe it to you if it is creating problems. Here is the list of names that have changed.

Triton High School: name changed to St. Joe Valley High School.
Brian Brust and family (including Elaine): Last name changed to Frost.
Rhonda and Donna Bauerman and family: Last name changed to Gordon.
Joanne Zimmer and family: Last name changed to Barnes.
Craig Zimmer: First name changed to Drew (only first name change).
Jeff Lutz: Name changed to Geoff Hopkins (okay, that's a first name change but it's pronounced the same)
Doug and Doreen Gillespie and family: Last name changed to Swift.
Brenda Bowers and family: Last name changed to Lenox.
Liz Sandusky and family: Last name changed to Nowicki.
Coach Hole: Last name changed to Hancock.
Cassie Little and family: Last name changed to Clinton.

There are probably a few others who are so minor that you didn't know their last names anyway. These are the ones you are concerned with. Please keep in mind that the Kindle version available on Amazon is even more radical with many first names changed, as well. But the whole story on Kindle was re-edited, expanded, and enhanced, so it's really a different book. The general progress is the same, but there is more and less of it.

Thanks for putting up with my bizarre whims. I really felt it was necessary to make these changes and appreciate your understanding. Hope you enjoy the next chapter tonight: "3 No Cure"!